Five facts about German life that will make you say, "We need it too!"

1. It’s not customary to walk barefoot at home.

No matter what the temperature outside is, German people always walk around in shoes when reception . they will be regular slippers or a pair of sneakers or shoes specially bought for this purpose. there's actually nothing romantic about this habit since Germans need to placed on shoes because the ground inside their homes is usually very cold. it's so cold that one can easily get sick. That’s why you shouldn’t refuse slippers once you are offered a pair in Germany.

2. The administration can refuse to register a child if their parents came up with a strange name for their baby.

In order to register their baby, parents got to submit an application to the local registration office called Standesamt and indicate the name they chose. If the parents’ name option sounds weird, if it’s a surname, or if it’s the name of a product, the appliance are often rejected. Since the procedure of re-submitting the appliance is extremely expensive, Germans like better to give their babies traditional names.

3. It’s prohibited to wash a car near your house.

In most regions of Germany, it's forbidden to scrub your car in unequipped places. this is often because dirty water gets into the bottom and negatively affects the encompassing nature. That’s the rationale why self-service carwashes are so widespread during this country. The water used there doesn’t find yourself within the soil: it's collected, filtered, and even restored for reuse.

4. They start to break bad when fall vegetable season starts.

With the approaching of fall and therefore the appearance of fall vegetables at the markets, the Germans begin to feature them to all or any the dishes they cook. Also, they arrange special celebrations surely vegetables.

5. You should not let your car run out of fuel when driving on an autobahn.

Autobahns are true sights to behold in Germany. there's no max regulation on this highway. Apart from that, any stops not associated with a breakdown of the car are prohibited on the autobahn. That’s the rationale why there's a ban on empty gas tanks: if the fuel runs out unexpectedly, the car will interfere with other road users.

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