5 Everyday Items That You May Not Know a Real Purpose

1. The empty space under noodles in a cup.

This is not how for companies to tear you off and cause you to think you're getting more noodles than you really are. this is often actually how that manufacturers keep the noodles safe during transportation. regardless of how often or how hard the cups fall, the noodles inside stay intact. Also, this manner the recent water can circulate better once you pour it over your noodles.

2. That V shape on your comfy sweatshirt.

Initially, this V shape served 2 main purposes: first, it helped a sweatshirt maintain its shape throughout the years. It also helped the wearer fit their heads within the garment just in case they needed to stretch it. Second, it absorbed the sweat that's mainly gathered around that area when an individual is exercising. Currently, many companies have stopped using this small design, and people who still add it, use it mostly for decorative reasons.

3. The small chips on the bottom of some cups.

They might appear as if dents, but they are doing serve a really useful purpose. consistent with IKEA’s website, they're strategically placed there to assist water drain easier after the wash. That’s because once you wash a cup and leave it the wrong way up , there's always water targeting rock bottom of the cup. So, with these small chips on the edges , water can exit easily and quickly.

4. Tags on bread packages are there for a reason.

Twist ties or tags are available 5 different colors representing 5 of the 7 days of the week. Blue is for Monday, green for Tuesday, red for Thursday, white for Friday, and yellow for Saturday. the rationale Wednesday and Sunday aren't included is that the majority shops don’t get deliveries on those 2 days. the various colors give the buyer a transparent picture of how fresh the bread is in order that they know what to shop for .

5. The straps on the shoulders of your leather jacket.

These straps aren’t just there for adornment , except for something far more practical. They were designed to carry and secure your bag so it wouldn’t fall then nobody could grab it from your shoulder. It also stays in one place and you don’t got to adjust it all the time. Past generations of individuals actually used these straps daily, but as years glided by people stopped taking advantage of them.

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