8 Fast and Easy Food With Quality Test

1. Chicken.

Pay attention to the white stripes and thick layer of fat on chicken breasts. It means farmers injected growth hormones into the poultry, and therefore the chickens gained weight way too fast. Such meat isn't good for your health.

The color is additionally a really important thing to concentrate to: if it's yellowish, it isn't fresh. Raw chicken breasts should be pink and will not be too soft.

2. Cottage cheese.

A drop of iodine will assist you check if your pot cheese contains starch. If it does, the stain will become deep blue, and if it doesn't the colour will stay yellow or brown. Leave some pot cheese at temperature .

If it contains vegetable fats, it'll go yellow. After this test, fresh pot cheese may taste sour but won't change color.

3. Honey.

Pour some honey onto a surface. Fake honey drips and immediately spreads on the surface. High-quality honey is sort of thick, and it trickles during a thin stream.

If you taste caramel flavor, it means your honey has already been heated . If you'll taste excessive sweetness, it means this honey contains white sugar.

4. Sour cream.

To check if soured cream contains vegetable fats, stir a spoonful of soured cream into a glass of predicament . A product of poor quality will produce white flakes. Real soured cream will become a homogeneous thick liquid.

5. Frozen veggies, berries, and fruits.

Check if a package of frozen product has snow or pieces of ice in it. If it does, it hasn't been stored properly. Choose products that have frost on them.

6. Fish.

Fresh fish shouldn't have cloudy eyes, and healthy gills are always a bright red color. Its skin should have a naturally metallic glow, and scales must be tightly attached to the body.

7. Meat.

When choosing meat, press it together with your finger. Fresh meat should be resilient enough to form your fingerprint disappear. Cut an enormous piece in half: if the meat is dark but has white contours, it means its time period was extended with additives. Pat it dry with a towel - fresh meat shouldn't leave an excessive amount of moisture and blood on the towel.

8. Herbs.

Hold a bunch of dill, for instance . If the leaves hang over the edges , it's already wilted. Plus, if the colour is just too dark and therefore the stems are too long, it means it contains nitrates. Fresh herbs are always a natural green color.

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