4 Ways How To Treat Your Hair Properly

1. Follicle test

To apprehend if your hair is healthful basic and that hair loss is some thing you don’t have to fear about, you want to test your roots first.

Just do this:
  • Pluck one strand of hair however ensure to grip it as near to your head as viable to have the basis nevertheless connected to the hair.
  • Examine the follicle. The ordinary root stop of a strand have to be bulb-shaped, so if you spot this, your hair is healthful. If it’s puny or with none bulb form at all, your hair is susceptible and wishes care.
How to save you hair loss:
  • Follow the Mediterranean diet. A study confirmed that it decreases the danger of hair loss.
  • Avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails, specially even as sleeping, considering that it can lead to hair loss.
  • Take special vitamins and minerals.

2. Sink test

This one measures how porous your hair is. Healthy hair is instead strong even as broken hair absorbs liquid quickly.

To carry out the test, do the following:
  • Pluck a few strands of your hair from specific elements of your head, just like the top, the back, and from every side.
  • Drop the strands into a glass of water. Completely wholesome strands will float, especially wholesome ones will go down a bit, and broken ones will sink entirely.
How to deal with hair with excessive porosity:
  • Apply various sorts of butter and oil. They help seal in the moisture that your hair soaks up.
  • Use hair conditioner after every wash.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar and Aloe Vera to your hair to regulate the pH balance.

3. Tug test

This check is aimed to take a look at the pliability of your hair.

It can be accomplished with those easy steps:
  • Carefully pull out a strand of hair.
  • Pull it lightly at each ends. If it stretches and bounces returned whilst you allow it go, it’s healthy. If it breaks easily, it’s as an alternative weak.
How to get your hair elasticity returned:
  • Air-dry it. Using warmth really harms the pliability of hair.
  • Massage your hair with jojoba oil.
  • Try making use of some honey to the strands. It’s a terrific herbal conditioner and could preserve moisture in your hair.

4. Porosity test

With this test, you could decide the circumstance of your hair cuticle to see if it’s broken or not.

You want to do the following:
  • Clamp a hair strand among your index and center fingers.
  • Slide it via your fingers, from the pinnacle to the root. If it feels tough and uneven, your hair is broken. If it feels smooth, it’s healthy.
How to deal with broken hair:
  • Try a keratin treatment. It smoothens hair, eliminates frizz, and makes hair shine.
  • Limit dyeing, curling, and blow-drying.
  • Try a rice water rinse. Research has proven that it remains in hair for a at the same time as protective them from damage.

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