Top 10 Movies That Good Guys Are Really Selfish

1. Kate Austen, Lost

It is very easy to experience empathy for this man or woman in the beginning, but it gets tougher and harder over time. She constantly acts as though she’s higher than anybody else. Austen is a egocentric and arrogant person, who’s no longer geared up to be answerable for her actions. Also, she couldn’t select among Jack and Sawyer (and her choice often depended on who turned into the most profitable for her on the moment).

2. Albus Dumbledore, the Harry Potter series

In the beginning, Dumbledore regarded like a incredible wizard, a strategist, and a very good mentor. But he's still a arguable character. Over time, you understand that Harry was just his pawn. For example, Dumbledore surely realized that Harry needed to wreck the Horcrux inside him. And Dumbledore was geared up to do some thing to obtain this goal.

3. Ally Hamilton, The Notebook

Nick Cassavetes’s film is of the exceptional dramas of the 21st century, but the dating between the primary characters is really quite toxic, mostly due to Ally’s behavior. She had a horrible personality. She frequently acted childishly. Besides, Ally cheated on her husband with a guy she hadn’t visible for several years. If you reflect onconsideration on some of these things, it is difficult to empathize with Ally Hamilton.

4. Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang

Theory Sheldon has plenty of enthusiasts and, of course, the collection wouldn’t be as interesting if Sheldon didn’t exist. But in actual life, only a few people would love to have a pal like Cooper — who’s selfish and rude. He frequently made Amy cry and did awful things to his relatives with out even knowing it.

5. Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother

Robin didn’t plan to get married or have youngsters however she knew it became Ted’s dream. Still, she agreed to this point him even though their courting wasn’t going anywhere. And finally, Robin had a courting with Barney, Ted’s friend, which become quite painful for Ted. But it didn’t stop there. Then, Robin manipulated Barney to break up with his female friend Nora when she found out she still had feelings for him. That’s selfish, don’t you think?

6. Jerry, Tom and Jerry

When we’re children, we think that the mouse is sensible and funny. But when we grow up, we realise that he made the cat’s lifestyles insufferable for no suitable reason. A normal episode: Tom lives a glad existence with his proprietor after which Jerry suggests up in the kitchen and steals food. The owner tells Tom she’ll throw him out if he doesn’t capture Jerry and Tom is constantly in trouble due to him. So which ones is the real terrible guy?

7. Jack Shephard, Lost

At first sight, Jack seems to be the maximum positive man or woman of the show, however he has some flaws. He constantly places himself in threat to look fearless and feel like a hero. And he was the best health practitioner on the island. This is vain, don’t you think? Besides, he usually wanted to be a leader and control everything, even the things he couldn’t manipulate.

8. Cristina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy

Sandra Oh’s individual quickly won viewers over with her quick wit, her energy, and her ambition. But as a individual, Cristina didn’t virtually develop. She changed into nonetheless as career-driven as she became within the beginning. Also, she was very vain — she continually reminded others about what a fantastic physician she changed into.

9. J.D., Scrubs

Even although J.D. Is the heart of the display and he's a amusing and captivating character, he’s a flawed person. He goes crazy every time he fails to achieve a goal. And how in many instances did he do something reckless without considering others! Do you consider whilst he kissed Carla, his exceptional friend’s girlfriend?

10. Rose, Titanic

This is every other iconic drama wherein the amazing love story between the main characters made the visitors turn a blind eye to their morally-gray actions. Don’t neglect that inside the beginning, Rose become very conceited because she concept that she turned into higher than others. Also, she cheated on her fiancé and whilst the Titanic sank and she and Jack were within the water, she didn’t even suggest for Jack to climb onto the door (and there may be an test proving that 2 people should have easily healthy on that door.)

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