Portraits From The Side of Famous Historical Figures

1. Thomas Jefferson (Left), 1800 And Shannon Lanier (Right) Sixth Great-Grandson Of Thomas Jefferson

You could say the series began 15 years ago while Gardner's mother told him that he looked plenty like his grandfather. "It got me questioning if I (really) gave the impression of my grandfather and if people alive nowadays would undergo any resemblance to well-known forbears," the photographer said.

There are some of criteria primarily based on which Gardner's deciding on the pix he's going to recreate but the greater iconic an photograph is, the better. "It is important that regardless of what the person’s success that there may be a degree of popularity or familiarity. This is not always possible however it's far my starting point."

2. Charles Dickens (Left), 1858 And Gerald Charles Dickens (Right) Dickens's, Great-Great-Grandson

The Internet clearly helps Gardner to track down the descendants, but he also works with genealogists and museums. True magic, however, occurs whilst the photographer starts operating together with his models. The whole process allows Gardner to shape connections not best with the people in the front of his camera however their ancestors as well. "Any human connection tends to come about from conversation, so it's miles more because of the dialogue between the 2 of us in the days, weeks, months or even years going for walks as much as the shoot which gives me a 'window' to them as a person and whilst they make bigger on their understanding of their forebear it does deepen the mutual information and connection we have, which genuinely allows when it comes to the shoot," Gardner explained.

"Sometimes via the viewfinder, I experience a flash of recognition, though I am in no way positive if it's far wishful thinking or more." As for the resemblance, Gardner leaves the viewer to make their own thoughts up on that. "I do not set out to say that the descendant does or does no longer appear like their forebear."

3. Emeline Pankhurst (Left) And Helen Pankhurst (Right) The Great-Granddaughter Of Emeline Pankhurst
4. Napoleon (Left), 1812 And Hugo De Salis (Right) The Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandson Of Napoleon

5. Liza De Giocondo (The Mona Lisa) (Left) And Irina Guicciardini Strozzi (Right) The 15 Times Great Granddaughter Of Liza De Giocondo

6. Oliver Cromwell (Left), 1653-1654 And Charles Bush (Right) The Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandson Of Oliver Cromwell

7. Frederick Douglass (Left), 1863 And Reuben L. Andrews (Right)

8. Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke Of Wellingston (Left), 1824 And Jeremy Clyde (Right) The Great-Great-Great-Grandson Of The 1st Duke Of Wellington

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