8 Tips Should Learn That Make Us Look Good When Take Photo At The Beach

1. "Double" leg

Wrong: The legs are in the equal line, growing an impact of a "wide" leg and spoiling a beautiful picture.

Right: One leg is above the other. Both legs are without problems seen, don't merge, and look graceful.

2. Knees facing the camera

Wrong: When the knees face the camera, the frame and limbs look short.

Right: The half-turned function emphasizes the curves, and the legs are surely seen. 

3. View from the top

Wrong: A view from above disrupts the proportions of the face. The neck disappears, and everything turns into heavy.

Right: Take a image at eye level. This will maintain the proportions, and the neck will be without a doubt seen.

4. Accent is not on the face

Wrong: Because of the incorrect angle, the neck may additionally seem unnatural, and the frame may also look shapeless.

Right: The same function from a one of a kind angle. Focus at the face. The model will also experience more snug in this pose.

5. Too close to water

Wrong: If the chin is too near the water, the neck will disappear, and the proportions of the face will be broken. 

Right: There ought to be as a minimum 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) between the chin and the water. Then the neck can be certainly seen, and all attention can be became to the face.

6. On the knees

Wrong: This pose can make your waist and the lower a part of your legs "disappear." It looks terrible and unnatural. 

Right: The half-turn function will create curved traces and emphasize lovely shapes.

7. Soldier position

Wrong: This pose deprives the frame of curves, the individual looks angular, and the knees absolutely disappear.

Right: A barely turned position emphasizes frame curves, and an appropriate role of the legs makes them slimmer and longer.

8. Feet facing the camera

Wrong: The extra the foot is directed into the camera, the shorter the legs will seem.

Right: It's better to show a little. Then you'll get beautiful, clear, curved lines.

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