8 The Cutest Picture When It Was Still A Puppy

1. Caught My First Stick!

2. Our Little Chi-Apso, Henry

3. This Is Rūkas When He Was A 3 Month Old Potato. He Looks Cute, But Deep In The Heart He Was A Little Devil And Destroyed Everything In His Path

4. This Is How Our Home Destruction Started (Balu)

5. This Is Loki When He Was About 3 Months Old With His Favorite Toy, Now He's Almost 3 Years Old! Sadly, The Toy Was Ripped To Shreds By An Unknown Source

6. This Is My Doggo When She Was Still A Baby. Now She's Almost

7. Fetch?

8. This Is My Majestical Husky Mix Called Bičiulis (Buddy)


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