7 Signs That Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen

1. Swelling and tenderness in your breasts

Many ladies sense modifications of their breasts throughout their cycle and being pregnant due to the fact the breasts are very touchy to hormones. If you revel in sore breasts or if you’ve observed that they’re swollen greater than usual, this may be due to excessive estrogen.

2. Mood swings

Estrogen affects your intellectual nation and feelings. These emotions will type of remind you of PMS symptoms. You can also additionally experience depressed or have tension and your feelings may be all around the location for no appropriate reason.

3. Fibrocystic lumps in your breasts

If you've got got estrogen dominance, your breasts might also additionally grow to be lumpy. This may be soft or painful. Don’t hesitate to visit the medical doctor without delay if you’ve observed lumps for your breast tissue.

4. Hair loss

Normally this is a male problem, but when you produce too much estrogen, you may start shedding hair more than you normally would. This can cause an even more depressive state. But you should remember, that the number of lost hairs depends on your lifestyle as well.

5. Weight gain

You’re now no longer overeating and laying on a sofa 24/7, however you’ve observed that your hip vicinity is turning into bigger. This may be a signal of extra estrogen. You may additionally be afflicted by bloating and warfare to shed pounds even after being on a diet.

6. You feel exhausted all the time

If you've got got problem sleeping, you can experience exhausted all of the time. This is normal. But if you’ve observed which you are worn-out extra than typical and your life-style hasn’t changed, it is able to be a caution signal which you want to test your hormone levels.

7. Trouble sleeping

Excessive estrogen also can motive special sleep problems. You can be too talkative and now no longer capable of sleep, or the opposite, you could sense sleepy all of the time. Pay interest in case your napping behavior have modified all at once with none compelling purpose or extrade in strain levels.

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