10 Comics Between Present and the Past !

1. If earlier you had to personally break up with friends, now you don’t even need to meet them.

2. Each generation has its own assistant in bringing up kids.

3. Today we are in a constant rush and we don’t have much time for waiting.

4. Children still go to school, but things have changed there too.

5. The ’carrot and stick’ method for raising kids still works, it’s just that the ’carrots and sticks’ have changed.

6. Technology keeps drastically changing too and we can only guess what is waiting for us in the future.

7. Fortunately, our pets are the same fluffies as before (and not robots). It’s just that different things that make them feel happy today.

8. The shoe secret has still not been revealed. Either the footwear used to be better before, or the roads have become softer.

9. You can share everything now — even intangible things...

10. Going into nature requires a little bit more time now than just a thermos with hot tea.

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